Earlier this month the BJCP released a DRAFT version of the 2014 Style Guidelines. These guidelines, when finalized, will replace the 2008 guidelines. The 2014 Guidelines include quite a few new styles and changes.

The most notable change to me is the organization. The 2008 Guidelines was more organized by beer characteristics while the new guidelines seem to focus more on region. There are also many changes to the lager categories, which really do make sense to me. I like that Baltic Porter is now with other lagers instead of mixed in with all of the ales.

The most notable change for the brewing habits of our club is in the IPA Category. The category now includes the Specialty IPA sub-category, which includes 6 sub-sub-categories. Seems like overkill to me, but we will see if the final guidelines break these up at all.

I know the BJCP has been working hard on these, and it will be interesting to see how the new styles and renaming of old styles will affect the industry. Once again, the documents currently on the BJCP site are just a draft. The final guidelines will come out later this year.

View the new styles here.

View comparison of 2008 Guidelines to 2014 Guidelines here.

Let the BJCP know what you think of the updates here.